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About Greenworks

We know the future is battery-powered. And if you're reading this we know you're on the same page. Doesn't it feel strange when you think about it? That we've been using heavy, cumbersome machines powered by petrol that's damaging our planet to take care of our gardens. It sounds so counter-productive. Why has change taken so long?

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Greenworks has been wondering this ever since we launched our first product range onto the market. We noticed immediately that we'd been long-awaited by the response we received - clearly many of you thought it was time for something new. Something smarter, more user-friendly, agile and sustainable. Products with the same power and capacity as before – but smarter, more modern and developed for the future. The global future. Because the future is global, so is Greenworks.

We're convinced that global competence solves global challenges. That's why Greenworks is now worldwide. We meet the challenges not only by meeting the demand for powerful and flexible battery-powered tools. We also drive development forward, by always being at the forefront of change and exploring the limits of what is possible. Innovation makes us relevant to our customers and that's how we've reached our goal and vision – to become market leaders.

Our customers need smart, green and sustainable tools for their homes and gardens. But they don't want to sacrifice their vision of a greener lawn, more beautiful flower beds or a more stable wooden deck because of reduced performance and power. It's our responsibility. Our batteries power their visions.

Your vision – our power 

In our development and design center in Jönköping, our engineers, designers and developers are working hard to drive development forward. And we know exactly how to do it Innovation. Because if there's anything we know how to do at Greenworks, it's innovation. And that's not in spite of our youth. It's because of it. Our youth makes us innovative, adaptable, and quick on our feet. Without destructive traditions, products or approaches there's nothing to change. The distance between idea and action is non-existent.

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We know where we want to go – forward – and we know how to get there – powered by our modern, high-performance batteries and with a responsive, smart, sustainable and agile approach to the market. Above all, we know when – now. Greenworks needs to make a difference now. And it's not a day too soon.

With Swedish design and development, as well as global competence and presence, Greenworks can offer battery-powered tools and machines that make a difference. Make a difference in your home and garden. Make a difference between today and tomorrow. Make a real difference. When Greenworks' visions become your reality.

What's your vision?

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